How to trim indoor plants

In this video I will show you how to groom your plants to keep them attractive and healthy.

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Be careful not to use too much of fertilizer, even half of suggested dosage is enough for any plant. Please watch the video bellow to see how to fertilize your plant.

How To Fertilize Indoor Plants

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Top 5 Plants We Recommend

April 29, 2016

Aglaonema Plant

There are a lot of plants to choose from and it can be very challenging. So here are our top 5 plants that we recommend and the reason why. These few plants is a great way to start building your green family :) […]

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Plants for True X Media

June 17, 2014

True X Media ordered plants for their New York office through our online plant shop. This company have picked Money tree and Cut leaf philodendron. Cut leaf philodendron has very exotic look and these two plants complement each other when sharing the same space. We placed Cut leaf philodendron by the entrance. This plant can be happy […]

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Large Snake Plants

We were very happy to deliver and install plants for Fusion Packaging Open House in New York office. This project was done mostly over the phone. We discussed the space, lighting conditions and interior colors so we would be able to suggest the best plants and planters for this office. Windows in this office are […]


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Snake plant

Bison Capital New York office contacted us and we worked on this project without visiting their office. We received photographs of designated spots for plants and a short description of the space. Warm bright colors of interior make this office look light and cozy. Before plants: And of course with our plants it looks much better:)   […]


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Lade Palms

Aden + Anais just moved in to a beautiful bright loft in Dumbo, NY.  We had a chance to admire beautiful office when we delivered plants that they have chosen and purchased in our online plant shop. Tall white planters with Lady palm and Cut leaf philodendron look great and add elegant lively touch to this beautiful […]


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Cutleaf Philodendron

Intercept Pharmaceuticals recently moved to brand new office in Chelsea, NY. Lovely cool colors and modern lines of design make this space very stylish. We were very excited to get our plants in and complete the look of this office. Here is what we’ve done! Thank you Intercept Pharmaceuticals for choosing My City Plants! Would you […]


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Quantcast Office Plant Project

February 13, 2014


Quantcast’s group of very talented people settled in a large loft on Park Avenue South. “Our growing office has an eclectic mix of teams and personalities, but we’re primarily a sales and client services office, with a strong dash of marketing and creative in the mix.”- says team. We were happy to find some cool, […]


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Ponytail Palm

CPPIB America opened a new office in a brand new building on Madison avenue in mid-January. Modern and chic building has great office space with breathtaking views of Manhattan. We all know that even the most stylish place always looks cold and unwelcoming without green color and style of live plants. Proudly we were the […]


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