Top 5 Plants We Recommend

Top 5 Plants We Recommend

There are a lot of plants to choose from and it can be very challenging. So here are our top 5 plants that we recommend and the reason why. These few plants is a great way to start building your green family :)

1. ZZ plant

ZZ Plant

This is the plant for those lacking a green thumb. Virtually indestructible, the ZZ plant can take months of neglect and low light and still look amazing. Also a great air purifier. Low to high light.

2. Snake plant

Snake Plant

Snake Plant a.k.a Mother-in-law tongue can survive the harshest conditions and thrives in almost any light. This one is also a great air purifier. Low to high light.

3. Iron plant

Iron Plant

True to its name, this plant is tough as Iron, it can practically grow in the dark but tolerates bright light as well. If you need to fill a space where no other plants have survived then you’ve found your perfect match! Low to high light.

4. Aglaonema plant

Aglaonema Plant

This plant is a survivor! Extremely resilient and adaptable, the Aglaonema a.k.a. Chinese evergreen is a great plant for those who want to add some green without any hassle. Also acts as an air filter. Low to medium light.

5. Dracaena Art

Dracaena Art Plant

The Dracaena “Art” plant has dark green leaves with vivid yellow stripes on the leaf margins. This plant is very tolerant and can withstand dry soil and irregular watering better than most while purifying air in your space. Low to medium light.

As you can see some plants are very easy to deal with :)

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