1 Year Update On Green Wall + Repotting Overgrown Pothos 🌱

It is time to give you an update about our project of creating the green wall and framing the apartment with the Pothos plant.

One year ago I started to train the plant’s vines to grow in a certain direction by hooking them up to the wall and ceiling.

*** If you have not seen that video and want to see what this plant looked like before it took over the wall and what I have done, watch it here.

 Also, the plant needed to be repotted as it has been root bound for a while and is struggling. It is not an easy task to repot this very root-bound plant that can not be moved much as it is attached to the wall.

 In this video you will watch me:

✅ struggling but successfully repotting the Pothos plant;

✅ how to keep plant’s shape even;


- Self-Watering Planters 

- Lechuza Pon


After a couple of days the hooks I used in this video did not prove to be great! It is best to use the hooks I used before.

- Scissors

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