5 Things To Know Before Buying Plants In New York

April 18, 2017

5 Things To Know Before Buying Plants

Congratulations on your decision to pick up a new plant! We know how exciting it is and we are here to help you to choose exactly the right one.

When you live in a busy city like New York, sooner or later you begin to crave a little nature. Plants and greenery can bring a little of the outdoors in and make us happier, healthier, and more relaxed.

And that’s not all. Healthy and happy indoor plants will reward you with fresher and cleaner air and add a wonderful sense of calm to your home or apartment.

The key to plant happiness is finding the right greens for your lifestyle, time constraints, and budget. Here are a few things to consider before bringing your new plant home.

1. Everything in its right place

First, you’ve got to decide where you would like to display your green friends.

After you have picked a spot for your plant, make sure it is not close to a heat or AC vent or near cold drafts. A cold or hot plant is an unhappy plant.

2. Let the light shine in

The amount of natural sunlight you get will determine if you have a Low, Medium or High light environment. 

We have categorized plants for you by light type to make it easier to choose the right one.

  • High Light. South or southwest-facing windows. Direct sunlight. Windowsills covered with sunlight most of the day. Intense direct sun can burn your plant and it is best to filter light or place plants away from the window. They’ll get plenty of light in your place so you don’t need to flood them with light during the day.
  • Medium Light. East or west facing windows. Partial, filtered or indirect sunlight. Place your plants in an area that is 3-5 feet away from south or southwest facing a window.
  • Low Light. North-facing windows. Place your plants no more than 20 feet from the window. You can also put your green buddies in foyers or stair landings where there is not enough natural light but plenty of fluorescent light throughout the day.

Remember: if you can’t read a book in a certain area without a lamp then it is too dark for your plants.

Please read our Light Guide if you are struggling to determine the light situation in your space.

3. Size matters

Choosing a plant size can be tricky. When deciding on plant size keep in mind that plants grow and need room to breathe.

Squeezing it in a corner or behind furniture could damage the plant. Don’t crowd your green friends.

  • Looking for plants for your windowsill, shelf, or table? Need something to place on top of a drawer? The Small Size plant category (2.5 feet and under) is where you will find proper plants that fit just right.
  • Looking for plants to dress up entrance hall, frame a seating area, or have a large surface that needs a green touch? The Medium Size plant category (3’ to 4.5’) would be the right choice for this kind of display.
  • Have a big room and an empty spacious corner? Need to make a statement? The Large Size plant category (5’ to 6’) will do the job!

4. Plant-owner, know thy plant

Do you know that overwatering is the number one plant killer?

That’s why you need a moisture meter.

A soil moisture meter is a must-have tool for easier and better plant care. The meter will help you to understand when your plant is ready to be watered.

You can add our favorite soil moisture meter by clicking here.

5. Your green gift

It is always very exciting to send a green gift and it’s twice as nice to receive one.

Before sending a plant as a gift, please consider the recipient and her/his ability to maintain their new plant.

Space is always an issue in New York. Make sure that your recipient has enough space for a new green friend and will not need to stuff it somewhere between the furniture or on small desk.

Not sure what to buy? Ask your friend what kind of space they have for their plants and how much light they have in their apartment during the day. Still unsure? We recommend sending a joyful, easy-to-maintain plant from our Perfect Green Gift plant category.

With a little love, your plants can be your best friends for years to come.