Bird Of Paradise Care | Repotting + Watering + Tips 🌱

Today I am repotting another overgrown and root-bound Bird Of Paradise (Strelizia Nicolai) plant. I am also sharing the best Bird of Paradise care tips + answering some of the questions I have received from my viewers and customers about these tropical beauties.

In this video, you will learn:

✅ how to create the perfect environment for Bird of Paradise plant;

✅ how to water Bird of Paradise plants;

✅ how to know how much water to use to water your plants;

✅ how to know when your Bird of Paradise plant is root-bound;

✅ how to choose the right size pot for Bird of Paradise;

✅ how to tell your plant is not happy and what you need to do.


How To Prune Bird Of Paradise Plants

How To Straighten Up Bird Of Paradise Plants

How And When To Fertilize Plants

How To Trim Plants Like A Pro

About Lechuza Self-Watering Planters

Tools Used In The Video:


Potting mix;

Soil moisture meter;

Watering can;


Energy Sprayer;



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