Fiddle Leaf Fig Repotting + Basic Care Tips | Ficus Lyrata

This video is all about one of the most popular and desired plants - Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree (Ficus Lyrata).

I am going to show you how to support its unstable stem, how to properly repot Ficus Lyrata and after I repot the plant, I will tell you about what the Fiddle Leaf Fig needs to grow and thrive.

Plus will show you a trick on how to remove excess water from the tray/saucer without having to lift/move your plant.

You will learn:

✅ how to support plant’s stem;

✅ how to repot Ficus Lyrata;

✅ what is the best light environment;

✅ how to water Fiddle Leaf Fig;

✅ how to remove water from a saucer without lifting the plant;

✅ what are the right humidity levels for Ficus Lyrata;

✅ how to clean the plant and keep it in its best shape.



Juliette’s Favorite Tools/Materials:

Plant Stakes;

Humidity Monitor;

Energy Sprayer 360;


Potting mix;

Soil moisture meter;

Watering can;




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