Why leaves on my plant are turning yellow?

In this video I explain what can cause houseplant leaves to turn yellow, how to recognize and identify the issue behind leave yellowing. This will help you to figure out why your plant is showing some signs of distress.

Here are the reasons why indoor plant leaves are turning yellow.

Watering issue.

The most common reason for yellowing or browning of leaves is over or under-watering. It is important to provide enough time for the soil to dry between waterings.

If you have not watered your plant for a long time and the soil feels too dry, give your plant a good drink.

Make sure to test the soil at least once every 2 weeks to void under or overwatering.

Watch our short video about how to water plants potted in Lechuza planters to understand the watering process better.

Natural process.

Some older leaves might turn yellow and shed. Usually, it happens to the lower leaves. 

Nutrient Deficiency.

 If you have your plant for more than 1 year and have not used any plant food, your plant might be struggling from a lack of nutrients. We offer amazing plant food that is full of nutrients and very gentle on plant roots.

Lack of light or air circulation.

If your space has a very low light situation or the plant you have selected is not the right type for the low light environment, this can be the reason why the plant looks sad.

 Air circulation is another very important element for a plant’s well-being.

If the plant is pushed against the wall, squeezed in the corner, or between furniture, if the indoor fan (AC/Heat) is off and all windows and doors are shut, the plant will suffocate. 

It is best to move the plant to a more spacious spot, rotate it regularly, and keep a fan running. 

Heat or cold draft exposure.

If your plant is placed too close to any heat source, AC, or cold drafts, the exposure to extreme temperatures will affect the plant. 

Seasonal acclimation

Some plants are more sensitive to seasonal changes, indoor temperature changes and can be very dramatic while adapting to a new environment.

Death of lower leaves; droopiness, yellowing, browning of leaves can be expected.

More than likely, your houseplant will bounce back in a few weeks and will start to look better once adjusted.

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