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  • Office plant services - office plant delivery & office plant maintenance services - New York

    Office Plant Design, Delivery, Installation & Plant Maintenance Services

    Transform your daily grind with a space that feels healthy and calm. For your coworkers, your clients, and yourself.


    Greening New York work spaces since 2011

    Rated 4.95/5 by hundreds of happy New Yorkers

    Your trusted destination for all your office plant needs

    Whether it's a small or big project, we've got the perfect solution for all your houseplant needs.

    Detailed Quote

    We will help you to choose the right plants and planters for your office by providing free detailed quote on a timely manner.

    Plant Delivery

    Our team personally selects the highest quality plants from local growers, and we then deliver them to your office, already potted, cleaned, and ready to be enjoyed.

    Plant Installation

    We will make sure plants we deliver are placed in the right places and look perfect in your work space.

    Plant Maintenance

    We’ll do all the behind-the-scenes work to keep your plants happy. You enjoy your plants, and we’ll take care of the rest.

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    Office plant decor services - office plant delivery NYC: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens

    Let Your Employees Be Your Employees. We'll Take Care Of Your Plants

    Office Plant Maintenance Service NYC

    You’re not in the business of plant care, but we are.

    For a monthly fee, you can focus on what you do best - your work.

    We’ll do all the behind-the-scenes work to keep your plants happy. (Because happy plants can transform any office 😀)

    You enjoy your plants, and we’ll take care of the rest.


    Office Plant Maintenance Services

    Office plant maintenance company - office plant delivery in New York

    When you sign up for our Plant Maintenance Service, we do 100% of the work to keep your plants looking great--you won’t have to lift a finger. Here is what we provide:


    We’ll regularly supply your plants with water, keeping them healthy & vibrant.


    We’ll clean up after your plants, picking up fallen leaves, dirt, and more, so they always look nice & professional.


    We’ll trim your plants’ branches properly & safely so they always look clean and well-manicured.


    Plants need food, too--which is why we will fertilize your plants to make sure they stay alive & healthy.


    If a plant becomes sick, unhealthy, or dies, we’ll automatically replace it with a new one.

    Happy Customers


    Juliette has been a major contributor to bringing our office to LIFE. As soon as Juliette came to our office, we were confident that she was exactly what we needed to creating our dry and dull office look, into a colorful and vibrant office! She clearly knows exactly what she’s talking about and suggested the perfect plants for our office. We are looking forward to working with her again in the future! We highly recommend Juliette.


    Working with Juliette has been a dream! We surveyed a bunch of different vendors to upgrade our office plant situation and when she walked in, I immediately knew she was different. Her passion and precision for the art comes across immediately. She was able to survey the space with a keen eye and make recommendations based on our layout, environment and foot traffic.The post installation follow up is the main reason why you should choose to work with My City Plants. Juliette worked with us from start to finish and continued to check-in on how our new green friends were adapting. Our office absolutely loved the new flecks of green and I am happy to report that our plants are beyond thriving thanks to Juliette. She even recommended cute desk plants which our staff love! Working with someone who cares about what they do is so rare. It makes for a win-win situation when you have someone like Juliette on your team. I wish all of my vendors had her enthusiasm and knowledge. You cannot go wrong by choosing My City Plants!


    My City Plants is the most professional company we have experienced in supplying and maintaining indoor/office plants. We ordered our office plants and delivery was managed so smoothly by the Manager herself Ms. Juliette soon after we had refurbished the floor into an open plan office. She also came for the first maintenance and checked each plants to detail, and they looked newer/fresher. The plants are doing great so far and we enjoy her professional touch and services. I would highly recommend her to any serious clients.


    We recently moved into our new office space in Brooklyn and went in search of the perfect office plants. Luckily we came across My City Plants and found the perfect plants to complement our office. Juliette has been fantastic and has made sure the plants stay as healthy and happy as when they first arrived. I would highly recommend My City Plants for your office plant needs, as they have been professional and informative every step of the way. 

    Keep Your Office Plants Healthy & Beautiful

    Office plant delivery NYC - office plant care

    Buying plants for your office is an investment. When properly taken care of, they can transform your office space into a more peaceful & calming environment…

    But left in the wrong hands, they can wither and die— and that send the wrong message to employees and visitors alike.

    Don’t let your investment go to waste by trusting your plants care to anyone other than an expert. Instead, let us come by and do all the hard work of watering, clipping, fertilizing, and more.

    We know exactly how to take the best care of your plants to keep them looking healthy & beautiful all year long.


    Importance of Proper Plant Care

    Office Plant Maintenance Service NYC


    The appearance of your office is a reflection of your company, its employees, and its overall professionalism. Healthy, beautiful plants in your office send a very different message to clients than dirty, dry plants.


    When your plants are healthy, they grow faster and are able to clean more air and produce more oxygen. This is especially important for people working in a concrete jungle.


    It makes people happy to be around other living things—especially when those living things are thriving. It’s much better to keep your plants healthy all the time than to simply replace them once they die.


    Most people never realize it, but plants can collect a huge amount of dust—which spells big trouble for people with dust allergies. This makes plants similar to carpets, which get cleaned all the time.

    Caring For Plants Means More Than Pouring Water

    Commercial plant maintenance services

    Most people don’t realize it, but the most common cause of plants dying...is over-watering them.

    When you leave plant care to someone in your office, your plants get inconsistent attention--and almost always--far too much water. Only a plant specialist, like the experts here at My City Plants, can really decide when (and how much) water to give a plant to keep it at optimal health.

    Proper plant maintenance is not a 5-minute job. On average it takes a professional about 5 hours to properly care for all the plants in a medium-sized office building, including cleaning the leaves (another highly important and time-consuming activity that is vital to the health of your plants).

    Decorating your office with beautiful, calming plants is an investment. Take care of that investment by making sure your plants get the care they need, so they can remain healthy & beautiful for years to come.


    Caring For Plants Is More Difficult In An Office Setting

    Office plant delivery

    The fact is that keeping plants alive & thriving in NYC office conditions is a lot more difficult than it is at your home, for 4 main reasons:


    The typical office climate is not a healthy one for plants: it’s air-conditioned in the summer and in the winter it’s hot & dry from heating. On top of that, most offices turn the heat & a/c off on the weekends—which is harmful to plants (they can die from this alone).


    Many offices ask their cleaning companies to take care of their plants. Unfortunately, cleaning people are not equipped with the knowledge, experience, or tools to take care of plants. On top of this, cleaning staff are constantly changing—which means your plants get inconsistent care at best.


    Most offices are dominated by artificial lighting, with real sunlight in short supply (if at all). It can be challenging to find spots for all your plants where they will look great and stay healthy. This requires the ability to know when a plant needs to be moved to a new location.


    Similar to cleaning companies, many receptionists, office managers, or other staff take it upon themselves to care for the office’s plants. This results in inconsistent care that usually stops altogether when that staff member goes on vacation, leaves the company, or gets sick.