Plant Maintenance Service Enquiry


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Our minimum Full Plant Maintenance Service fee starts at $350.00 per month.


Here’s what we provide:

  • WATERING - we’ll regularly supply your plants with water, keeping them healthy & vibrant.
  • CLEANING - we’ll clean up after your plants, picking up fallen leaves, dirt, and more, so they always look nice & professional.
  • TRIMMING - we’ll trim your plants’ branches properly & safely so they always look clean and well-manicured.
  • FERTILIZING - plants need food, too--which is why we will fertilize your plants to make sure they stay alive & healthy.
  • REPLACING - if a plant becomes sick, unhealthy, or dies, we’ll automatically replace it with a new one.
Plant Light Chart
Light Intensity Description
Bright Light South or southwest-facing windows. Direct sunlight.
Medium Light East or West facing windows. Partial, filtered or indirect sunlight.
Low Light North-facing windows. No more then 20 feet from the window. Bright fluorescent light at least 8-10 hours a day.

Note: if you can’t read a book as it is too dark in a certain areas than it is too dark for any plant as well.

Window direction is not the only factor to understand your light situation. What is outside the window makes a big difference. Another building, large tree, etc. will block direct light and will effect lighting environment.

Want to learn more about light? Read our Light Guide.