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Here’s what we provide:

  • WATERING - we’ll regularly supply your plants with water, keeping them healthy & vibrant.
  • CLEANING - we’ll clean up after your plants, picking up fallen leaves, dirt, and more, so they always look nice & professional.
  • TRIMMING - we’ll trim your plants’ branches properly & safely so they always look clean and well-manicured.
  • FERTILIZING - plants need food, too--which is why we will fertilize your plants to make sure they stay alive & healthy.
  • REPLACING - My City Plants is fully responsible for plants that were purchased from My City Plants and are under our care from the start. If for some reason plants don't look good or die, they will be replaced as soon as possible at no additional cost.

    **If plants were not purchased from My City Plants or have beed under another company or client’s care, free replacement of plants is not covered by Full Plant Maintenance Service. Replacement fee will apply.