All Purpose Fertilizer

premium quality plants potted in self-watering planters and hand-delivered to your doors


Help your plants grow and thrive with this unique plant food formula. It contains oilseed extract, a renewable source of plant nutrition which contains amino acids known to improve overall plant health.

Benefits: No GMOs. Pathogen free - heavy metals free. Gentle on plants - no root burn issues.
Effective: One formulation for every plant type.
Value: Concentrated formula is easy to mix and goes a long way. 1 tablespoon of Nature’s Source makes 1 gallon of plant food.
Sustainable: Contains oilseed extract, a renewable source of plant nutrition. Not only feeds the plant, but feeds the soil with beneficial micro-organism which promotes strong root development.
When to use:  Most plants need to be fertilized during Spring and some during Spring and Summer.


Shipping nationwide to the lower 48 states. We don't ship to Alaska, Hawaii or any country outside the US.

Customer Reviews

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Daniel Odescalchi
Best customer service

Due to poor plant management we almost killed our plants. However after Juliette from My City Plants did a video conference with us, our plants are once again happy. They are the best!

Dear Daniel,
Thank you so much for taking the time to write your review.
I am so happy I was able to help and your plants are doing better!!!
Keep up the good work! :)