Baby's Tears Pilea In Grower's Hanging Basket


Pilea in 5.5” plastic grower’s hanging basket. Baby's Tears plant gets its name from its tiny, round leaves cascading down slender and fragile stems. It is sturdier than you might think, and will rapidly form a dense attractive green carpet which makes this plant a very popular choice by plant lovers. You can place or pot these plants into your own planters or cache pots. Care routine for each plant needs to be established by you; as it depends on a pot you are using, light, temperature and an air flow in a space.

Benefits:  Pet friendly. 
Botanical name:  Soleirolia Soleirolii.  
Light: Medium to high light. 

Pot: Grower's plastic pot with holes, no saucer.
Pot size:5.5"D
Approx. height of plant:  7”
Note:  Shape, fulness and height of plants will vary depending on availability.

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