Fiddle Leaf Fig Bush IN 10" GROWER'S POT


Fiddle Leaf Fig Bush in 10” plastic grower’s pot. Plant's large leaves, that shaped like violins, make this plant a dramatic accent and number one plant choice to be photographed for interior and architectural magazines. Keep in mind that this is a very finicky plant and is very sensitive to temperature, light and season changes. You can place or pot these plants into your own planters or cache pots. Care routine for each plant varies and depends on a pot, light, temperature and an air flow in a space.

Benefits: Dramatic accent.
Botanical name:  Ficus Lyrata.
Light: Medium to high light. Not much direct sun.
Pot: Grower's plastic pot with holes, no saucer.
Pot size: 10"D
Approx. height of plant:  36”
Note:  Shape and height of plants will vary.

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Customer Reviews

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Beautiful with some minor flaws

Gorgeous bush which has brought elegance and life to my living room. Arrived in good shape though there were some cobwebs indicating the beginning of an insect problem as well as brown spots on some of the leaves.

Thank you for your feedback. I am sorry to learn that plant was not properly checked before it went out. I will definitely bring this to our team's attention. Brown spots are just the way this plant reacts to any environmental changes, transportation and/or acclimation. We made sure to notify everyone that this is a very finicky plant and is very sensitive to temperature, light and season changes. Web is not necessary a sign of any insect issue. It can be just a wild spider that made its home at your plant's branch while traveling from Florida to New York. :))) Please stay in touch and contact us right away if you have any questions or concerns at We are always here to help! Note: Keep your plants away from the heat source, cold drafts, and rotate them frequently to provide an even light exposure to all sides. Green Regards!