Rhapis Palm Rondo

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Benefits: Air purifier, strong decor element. Pet friendly.
Botanical name: Rhapis Excelsa.
Light: Low to high. No direct sun.
Planter: Self-watering.
Planter size: 13"D x 30"H
Approx. height of potted plant: 60"
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Shape and height of plants will vary.
Care Instructions
How to water Rhapis Palm potted in Rondo planter:

1. After receiving a plant wait for 5-7 days and water your plant.

2. Water your plant as you normally would from the top, through the soil. Add approx. 1 gallon of water on average once every 10-14 days.

3. Spread water slowly and evenly through the center of the plant, close to its stems to avoid water running to the bottom of the planter missing the roots.

Be sure to let top 2" of soil become dry before watering again.

When and how to use self-watering feature:

1. After about 5-6 months, the roots of your plant have had a chance to grow far enough into the moist area and they can reach water from the reservoir. You can then water your plants conveniently via the water supply shaft, located next to the water meter indicator tube.

2. When using self watering feature - Pour 1/2 a gallon of water through the soil. Then pour water directly to water supply shaft. Watch water level indicator to see how much water you put in. Stop when water level indicator reaches “Max”mark.

3. If after a few days or weeks the water level indicator reads "Min" - don't add water straight away. This is the start of the "dry phase" for the plant - the length of the dry phase is about 2 weeks.

4. After each dry phase, pour 1/2 a gallon of water through the soil and refill the water reservoir to "Max" using the water supply shaft.

Be sure to let top 2" of soil become dry before watering again.

5. Always check soil before watering. Stick your finger as deep as possible into the soil and if it feels dry add water, if soil feels moist wait for few more days and check soil again before watering.


Spray leaves with distilled water daily. Trim brown tips with sharp scissors. Cut off yellow leaves.


Spring time, once a month with general house plant fertilizer. We recommend MiracleGro all purpose plant food. Watch a video  "How To Fertilize Indoor Plants".


Avoid placing plant near heat or AC. Best to use room temperature filtered water. Yellow/Brown leaves is the sign of over-watering. Droopy leaves, dry stems and leaves is the sign of under-watering.

NOTE: Care instructions are just a guide lines and every plant will behave differently depending on air flow and temperatures in a space. Always check soil before watering!!!

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