Serenity - Variegated Pink

Average blooming period for an orchid arrangement: 4 weeks. Please note that these arrangements are for decorative purposes only and are perfect for dressing up your living room, entry hall, reception area in your office or conference room. Orchid arrangements can be displayed as the centerpieces on a dinning or coffee tables.
Two live orchid plants set in fiberclay vase; decorated with black sticks, green moss and raffia.

Benefits: Strong decorative element. Pet friendly. Air purifier.
Botanical name: Orchidaceae.
Light: Medium light.
Vase: Fiberclay
Vase size: 9"D x 8"H
Approx. height of the arrangement: 1.5' - 2’
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Note: Orchid size and color will vary depending on the availability and blooming cycle. Each plant might have single or multiple stems. We will always choose the best plants for you from the variegated pink orchid family.

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