Soil Moisture Meter

premium quality plants potted in self-watering planters and hand-delivered to your doors

Overwatering is #1 plant killer!

Make your plant happy and your life easier with soil moisture meter. No more guessing if plant is ready or not for a drink!

Meter Instructions

Do not keep the meter in the soil. Use it only to test the soil. Test the soil regularly.

Stick the meter as deep as you can around a plant, in a few spots, close to its stems without hitting the bottom of the pot.

If the meter reading in a suggested zone for your plant type, water it.

If the reading is above a suggested zone, wait for few more days and test the soil again.

Instructions are provided for this tool.

Suggested soil moisture level before you water your plant:

Aglaonema 3-4 zone.

Bamboo Palm 4-5 zone.

Bella Palm 4-5 zone.

Bird of Paradise 4-5 zone.

Corn Plant 3-4 zone.

Cut-leaf Philodendron 3-4 zone.

Dracaena Art 3-4 zone.

Dracaena Lisa 3-4 zone.

Heartleaf Philodendron 3-4 zone or when droopy.

Iron Plant 1-3 zone.

Jade Plant 1-3 zone.

Peace Lily 4-5 zone or when droopy.

Ponytail Palm 2-3 zone.

Rhapis Palm 5-6 zone.

Rubber 3-5 zone.

Succulents/Cacti 1-3 zone.

Snake plant 1-3 zone.

Yucca 3-4 zone.

ZZ plant 1-3 zone.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Cutie Pie
Not here yet

This survey has come to soon… mine not due to be delivered until tomorrow.

Dear Cutie,
Thank you for your feedback.
The meter should arrive today!
Green Cheers!

Devon Lewis
Moisture meter

Very glad I have this item. I want to water a lot of my plants based on the top soil, but this tells me the bottom is still pretty wet. It has saved a few plants lol

Dear Devon,
Thank you for your feedback and 5 stars review!
We are happy to know you are enjoying this very helpful tool.
May your plants grow happy and healthy!

Maureen Mills
Dry or wet

It works great!! Now I won’t over water! Love it!!🌷

Dear Maureen,
Thank you for your feedback! Woohoo!
May your plants grow happy and healthy!

Sonja D -- from California
Gift for our NYC friend

We're glad we went to My City Plants for a gift to celebrate our friend's office move. We purchased a Corn Plant in a tall cubical planter in the hopes that the plant could reach a window. Our friend was thrilled and the pictures look wonderful. We also appreciated the very personal level of communication we were able to achieve with the company through their very responsive help desk when setting up the details of the order.

Dear Sonia,
Thank you very much for taking the time to provide your feedback.
We are so happy that your friend loved the green gift and you are pleased with our service.
Green Cheers!

Rosemarie Dy
Moisture relief

This soil moisture meter will definitely be a stress reliever as to the guessing game relationship with my plants.
So happy to have been following you on YouTube.
Thank you will all the helpful tips as well as the service.

Dear Rosemarie,
Thank you for your feedback and for following us on YouTube. It means a lot!!!!
May your plants grow happy and healthy!