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Spider Plant a.k.a. Airplane plant will brighten up your desk and will make sure the air you breath is very clean.

Benefits: Air purifier. Pet friendly.
Botanical Name: Chlorophytum Comosum.
Light:  Medium to high. Partial sun.
Planter: Built in sub-irrigation system (water your plant 3 times less often in comparison to regular pots). Made by Lechuza in Germany, shatterproof, 100% recyclable plastic.
Planter size: 9”d x 8”h
Approx. height of potted plant: 16”- 20”
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Note: Size and shape of plants will vary depending on availability.

Customer Reviews

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The spider plants are beautiful

The spider plants are beautiful - healthy, perky, beautifully planted. Thank you!

Dear Elaine, thank you for your feedback. It means a lot to know that you are happy with your plant!!! Enjoy your perky air purifying friend. :)) Feel free to contact us at helpdesk@mycityplants.con if you have any questions or concerns.
Plant Light Chart
Light Intensity Description
High Light South or southwest-facing windows. Direct sunlight.
Medium Light East or West facing windows. Partial, filtered or indirect sunlight.
Low Light North-facing windows. No more then 20 feet from the window. Bright fluorescent light at least 8-10 hours a day.

Note: if you can’t read a book as it is too dark in a certain areas than it is too dark for any plant as well.

Window direction is not the only factor to understand your light situation. What is outside the window makes a big difference. Another building, large tree, etc. will block direct light and will effect lighting environment.

Want to learn more about light? Read our Light Guide.

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