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Ponytail Palm



Benefits: Strong decorative element. Pet friendly.
Botanical name: Beaucarnea Recurvata.
Light: Bright to full sun.
Pot color choice: taupe, red, white, aubergine, black.
Pot: Self-watering pot.
Approximate size of plant in self watering pot: 6″ x 22″
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Ponytail Palm in Self Watering Pot Care Instructions

Smart Pot: 

Sub-irrigation system ensures optimal water supply and solves the problem of frequent watering.

The water level indicator shows when the reservoir is empty and needs to be re-filled. It takes the guesswork out of watering process. This innovative pot creates the perfect environment for each plant.

How to water:

1. After receiving a plant wait for 1 week before watering.

2. First 3 months water your plant as you normally would from the top, through the soil. Add 4-5 cups of water once every 2 weeks. Spread water evenly around the plant. Be sure to let the soil become dry to touch before watering again.

This period is important for a roots development. During this time plant is adapting to it’s new environment after being moved from the green house and repotted.

3. After 3 months start using pot’s water supply shaft to water your plant.

4. Remove water level indicator and pour water in the pot half way, using the water supply shaft. Check water level indicator to see how much water was put in.
Check water level indicator to see how much water was put in.

5. After water indicator shows low water supply wait for 10-14 days and then add water half way again. On average add water once a month.

6. Once in a while water your plant as you normally would, pouring water from the top through the soil. It is good for a plant to have water running through it’s roots. Watch water level indicator to see how much water got in the pot.

7. Always check top soil before watering. Stick your finger about an inch into the soil and if it feels dry add water, if top soil feels moist wait for few more days before watering.


It grows best in semi-dry conditions.


Fertilize once a year with liquid fertilizer at half strength.

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Plant Description

Ponytail Palm a playful plant!

Plant is native to desert regions of Mexico.

It is also known as bottle palms and elephant foot trees. This plant comes from Agave family and is actually a succulent. Ponytail palm stores water in its bulbous trunk.

Ponytail palms get their name from their ponytail like appearance. It’s sleek bulb-like trunk and lush, long curly leaves make it visually stunning. The Ponytail palm is easy to grow and requires very little attention. It is an extremely slow grower, so don’t expect great growth.