How To Create A Green Room Divider With Dracaena Lisa Plant

Watch me creating a green living divider with a few Dracaena Lisa plants.

The arrangement I am making is frequently used in office spaces or studio apartments to divide an open space into different areas.

In this video, you will learn:

✅ how to arrange a few Dracaena Lisa plants in Lechuza self-watering Lechuza Cararo planter;

✅ why Dracaena Lisa plants are perfect for creating a green divider;

✅ why Lechuza Cararo planter is the best to use for space division;

If you are just starting your green journey or looking to add some easy-going houseplants to your plant collection, watch my “Easy Houseplants For Beginners Or Not - Top 10 Indoor Plants” video.

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