How To Use Lechuza Planter's Self Watering Feature

October 25, 2017

Rondo, Cubico, Canto, Cubeto, Classico, Puro, Cararo, Windowsill, Delta, and Diamante planters have built in the sub-irrigation system and provide the self-watering feature.

We recommend waiting for 5-6 months before using the self - watering feature. It is best to allow roots to grow, making it easier for a plant to reach the water reservoir.

Bellow, you will find the information about how to use this feature:

Fill up the water reservoir:

There is an opening right next to the plastic tube - water level indicator. It might be open or covered with a small black lid. 

Pour water until the red stick inside the water level indicator is up to MAX mark.

Wait for a plant to use all the water from the reservoir:

How fast a plant will drink the water depends on the light, temperature, and airflow in a space.

When the water level indicator is back down to MIN mark, it shows that all water is used.

DO NOT refill the reservoir right away, the soil needs to dry between waterings. This period is called "Dry Phase".

Dry Phase:

If a plant gets water again too soon, it will be over-watered. Over-watering will result in root rot that will affect plant’s well-being.

How long the dry phase should last is different with every plant. It depends on the following factors: species and variety of plant, its need for humidity and water, also depends on the light, temperature, and airflow in a space.

Use suggested watering frequency, you can find in the care tips we have provided, as a guideline for an approximate length of the dry phase for your plant type.

Always test the soil before filling up the reservoir again.

There are a couple of ways you can test the soil before refilling the water reservoir:

- Use Soil Moisture Meter (highly recommended) to test the soil moisture level. This tool will reach lower roots and will make it easier to care for your plant.

Stick this tool into the soil as deep as you can, around a plant, in a few places, close to its stems without hitting the bottom of the pot.

When the meter reading is in a suggested zone for your plant type, add water to the reservoir to MAX mark again.

Meter can be purchased in our online shop. Suggested zone guide is provided for this tool.

- Use your finger to test the soil. Stick it as deep as possible into the soil. If the soil feels dry, add water to the water reservoir. if the soil feels wet or moist - wait for a few more days and test the soil again.

When the soil feels dry enough, add water to the reservoir up to MAX mark again.