My Top 7 Low Light Plants For Windowless Room & How To Grow Them

Windowless room? No problem! I will share my top 7 low light plants + show you how to grow plants without any natural light 🌱

Very often, I get questions from plant lovers like 🙋

  • Can I grow plants in a room without any windows?
  • Can I decorate my basement with plants?
  • Can plants survive in the hallway?

If you are looking for an answer to one of these questions, continue watching my video to find out how you can successfully grow plants without any natural light and what type of low light plants are suitable for this kind of environment.

In this video, you will learn:

  • how much light plants really need;
  • how to tell if there is enough light for your plants to survive;
  • what type of plants are best for a “no natural light” space.

If you are just starting your green journey or looking too add some easy-going houseplants to your plant collection, watch my “Easy Houseplants For Beginners Or Not - Top 10 Indoor Plants” video.

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