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The winter season is almost here. Outdoor temperatures are changing and the indoor environment will be different as well.

All seasonal changes have an effect on our plants and care routines need to be adjusted.
Here are few important things to keep in mind during this time:


The length of the daylight is shorter and the sun rays are not as strong.

Most houseplants will benefit from an hour or two of the direct sunlight each day early morning and late afternoon. 

Houseplants that were happy by a north-facing window all summer or away from the bright spot, best to be moved to a place with a better light exposure.


Temperature changes occur throughout a year outside as well as indoors.

Optimal temperature varies somewhat among different houseplants. However, the most preferred range is between 69F and 80F.

Not exposing plants to excessively hot air, cold drafts and providing some level of humidity will help create a better environment for plants to go through this season.  

To provide a better level of humidity, mist the air around plants or place a humidifier nearby.


We all know plants need regular watering, but how often they should be watered depends on many factors. Water requirements vary depending on the size and type of houseplant, container, light, temperature, airflow, and humidity.

Winter Plant Care Tips

Important to know that Heat effects plant’s water absorption. Soil dries faster in warmer temperatures, as the result watering frequency will change.

 Always check the soil before watering!

We recommend using Soil Moisture Meter. This tool will help you to understand when your plant is ready to be watered. Instructions are provided.


Most of the problems happen when we are away, even if it is just for a couple of days.

Having blinds down, turning the heat off will create a very stressful environment for plants.

Cold temperature, lack of the air flow and light will suffocate plants, and as the result, they might die.


  • Do not place plants near radiator, heat unit or a cold draft;
  • Do not turn the heat off during cold winter days; 
  • Keep the indoor temperature above 69F;
  • Do not close blinds when away;
  • Plants will benefit from an hour or two of direct sunlight each day early mornings and late afternoons;
  • Adjust watering routine due to light and temperature changes.


We hope this information is helpful.

Wishing you and your plants a great Winter Season!

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We are always here to help.


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