Plant Light Guide

Light provides the necessary energy for plants. It is very important for plant growth and a healthy lifestyle. The indoor light categories depend on the amount of natural sunlight available.

plant light guideBelow you will find information on how to determine your light situation and a brief description about different light environments that will help you to choose the right plants for your space.


South:  Area receives the most light. Plants can be placed far from the window and still receive enough bright light through the day.

East:  Area that gets light for short period of time. Plants should not be placed too far from the windows; just a few feet away.

West:  Area that gets strong heated light for few hours a day. Plants should be placed away or on the shady side of the windows. It is best to use curtains to create filtered light during mid-day sun if plants are very close to the windows.

North:  Area that lacks direct sun and provides the lowest light. Plants should be placed as close to the windows as possible.


Window direction is not the only factor to understand your light situation. What is outside the window makes a big difference. Another building, large tree, etc. will block direct light and will effect lighting environment.

Here is an easy test that will help you to determent how much light your space gets:

At noon when the sun is the brightest, come close to the spot where you are planning to place a plant and inspect the shadow.

Strong, well-defined shadow means it is high light spot.

Weak shadow but the silhouette is still recognizable means it is a medium light spot.

Faint shadow that lacks good definition means it is a low light spot.


High Light

South or southwest-facing windows. Direct sunlight.

Windowsills covered with sunlight most of the day.

Intense direct sun can burn your plant and it is best to filter light or place plants away from the window.

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Medium Light

East or west facing windows.

Partial, filtered or indirect sunlight.

Area that is 3-5 feet away from south or southwest facing window.

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Low Light

North-facing windows. No more then 20 feet from the window.

Foyers, stair landings where there is not enough natural light but plenty of fluorescent light throughout the day.

Note: if light levels are too low to read a book, then that area is too dark for a plant.

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