How To Save An Overwatered Plant & Prevent Future Overwatering 🚑🌿

💦 LET’S SAVE OVERWATERED PLANTS! In this video I will show you how to save an overwatered plant and prevent overwatering in the future.

I receive a lot of questions from our customers:

  • why are the leaves on my plant turning brown?
  • why are stems so mushy and soft?
  • why my plant smells so bad?
  • why my plant smells so bad?
  • why are mushrooms growing in my plant?
  • what are those black flies circling around my plant and crawling on the soil?

These are signs of overwatering - the plant world's biggest issue and #1 plant killer.

In this video, you will learn:

  • signs of the overwatered plant;
  • 2 stages of overwatering;
  • what to do if your plant is overwatered;
  • how to aerate the soil;
  • when it is too late to save your plant;
  • how to re-pot overwatered plant;
  • how to water plants, so they don't get overwatered.

You will need:

Soil moisture meter;

Potting mix;

Watering can;



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