Keep Your Plants Clean

July 12, 2017

Keep Your Plants Clean

It's very important to keep your plants clean!

Dust build-up is unattractive and encourages insect pests. It also prevents a plant from absorbing the light, affects plant’s growth and overall its health.

  • ​Clean leaves individually with a moistened paper towel at least once every 2 weeks. Plants with lots of tiny leaves may be heavily sprayed with water.

Over or under watering, lack of an air flow will result in yellow or brown leaves. Low humidity will make tips of leaves turn brown as well. A plant has to be free of any bad leaves to avoid rot and any other issues.

  • ​Remove yellow or brown leaves.Trim yellow or brown edges of leaves with sharp scissors.

Note: We recommend to use Soil Moisture Meter to help you to understand when your plant(s) is ready for a drink.

We sell Soil Moisture Meter in our plant shop and ship them to customers in New York or New Jersey, or you can get one from Amazon for nationwide shipping.


- Juliette -

Plant Light Chart
Light Intensity Description
High Light South or southwest-facing windows. Direct sunlight.
Medium Light East or West facing windows. Partial, filtered or indirect sunlight.
Low Light North-facing windows. No more then 20 feet from the window. Bright fluorescent light at least 8-10 hours a day.

Note: if you can’t read a book as it is too dark in a certain areas than it is too dark for any plant as well.

Window direction is not the only factor to understand your light situation. What is outside the window makes a big difference. Another building, large tree, etc. will block direct light and will effect lighting environment.

Want to learn more about light? Read our Light Guide.

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